Monday, 17 July 2017


A few years ago Colleen and I took a commission to make stoles for newly ordained ministers, and this year we completed the second half of that commission.  Colleen pieced the stoles, and then it was my turn to play.  I started by adding 2 main elements to each stole-

The elements are all lined up in these photos, but when worn, they'd be at different heights on each stole.
and then I started adding texture to the rest of the stoles.

  Red is the color of Pentecost, so the imagery is flames, flora, fauna (which I'm not good at quilting)....This first one got fern feathers, and flames above the trinity symbol.

The next stole was pieced with some checkerboard piecing, so thats where the quilting inspiration came from--some geometric shapes, and some flames.

 I think these geometric shapes will look quite neat from the pews.

And the third stole was angles and got a bit more of a modern quilting treatment, with some flames, and some 'hills' to represent the earth.
I did get a photo back of two of the stoles being worn, they looked pretty good.

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