Sunday, 9 July 2017

Gail's Quilt

I forget the name of this pattern, and I don't have my notes with me.  It's all HST units (half square triangles), and Gail left off one round of HST's, as she had used her whole layer cake.

Gail normally does her own quilting, but this quilt was a bit bigger than she usually makes, so she sent it to me.

Gail wanted me to emphasize the star in the center, and the darker zigzag line around the star.

This quilt is an example of a light custom--custom borders, some attention to the piecing shapes, but a continuously stitched design without many starts and stops.  No SID within the body of the quilt.

 So I used U-turns in the areas Gail wanted emphasized, and E's and 3's in the rest.  Lines vs curves gives great contrast.
 the borders have a ferny feather vine.  I think the fabric has some fern design.

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