Saturday, 30 December 2017

City Slickers

 These two quilts are made at the same time--from the same two jelly rolls (one colors, one neutrals), and the pattern is City Slicker by Highway 10 Designs.     I figured out you could get two lap quilts this way.  If you want to see it in twin size, with dark instead of light for the neutral, I made this one.
I quilted these just after Chicopee Squared, and I wanted to try the echoed squares quilting pattern again, with the echoing, so I tried it again.  Gail did the piecing on these quilts, and they are for the church.

The first one:
Yay, it worked, I figured out the spacing for the echoing, using the piecing for guidelines, and I got the echos in  this time. 

The second one:
I decided to increase the scale yet again.

And below they are side by side to see the scale difference
I like this echoed squares quilting pattern a lot.   I like it even better as a  backgound filler like I used in my Elephant Abstractions quilt.   BUT, as an E2E, I don't like it as much as the square spirals I put on Bobbie's Simplicity

Both designs provide great texture, and use very similar angles and lines.  These Echoed Squares are should be more regularly sized than the Square Spirals, and thus require a bit more thought and attention while stitching, and perhaps even the right pattern so the piecing can be used to place the echoed squares without marking.   I think that is why these City Slickers were more effective than the Chicopee Squared quilt, the piecing made it easier to place them more regularly, and to get the echoes going.     

It was the quilting on these City Slicker quilts that Bobbie liked so much, that she asked for linear quilting on her quilt as well.

I really enjoyed being able to work on these 4 quilts in a 'series' so to speak, and to then be able to pick my favourite quilting from the 4, and I hope you have found this process interesting as well.

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