Sunday, 31 December 2017

One More Finish for 2017

Earlier in the year, when I wrote my list of WIPs (works in progress) and projects I wanted to do, I had make a  tuffet and to use the fabric I'd been gifted at Christmas 2016 on my list. 

First, the Tuffet.  Many of the ladies in my guild made a tuffet in 2016/2017, but I really couldn't think of a place to put one in my house (we are already well hassocked/ottomaned/stool-ed)  And then I saw the Minis.  The Mini Tuffet I made in the summer--I think I should have waited to have a second person to help with the actual tuffeting, it would have been easier and I would have been able to pull it in further.    I haven't used it as such yet, but it is meant to be a pin cushion. 

I used scraps from the writer-ly quilt I made for my Daughter ,
and the kit was bought from Fabriculous at the Heritage Park Quilt Display in May---I was working in the booth across the aisle, and kept looking at those kits all day.  One came home with me :)

The next project is my second set of Retreat Bags   I had made a set in the summer, and my youngest uses the small bag and I use the large bag as bathroom kits.  My quilting friends (my squad as youngest calls them) wanted to make Retreat Bags too, so we got together this week to shop, cut and start making the bags.  I was pondering what fabrics to use, and realized that it would be a great use of the FQ bundle I'd received for Christmas 2016, giving me a chance to finish 2 goals in one.  Yay! 

 We tried using flex foam as the stiffener, instead of fusible fleece.  It sure makes the bag stand open well. 
 The large bag needs more than FQ's so I used two different fabrics for the lining, and the pocket fabric is also on the bottom of the exterior of the bag.  So this bag used 4 FQ. 
 The smaller bag uses only 1 FQ for an exterior fabric, one for the interior, and I had to cut into a 3rd FQ for the pockets.
 I had to show both sides of the exterior of this bag---aren't the strips fun?

 And the small bag fits right into the big one, for a good size comparison. 
I've learned a lot making these bags, about bag construction, zippers, and making zipper ends.  I'd recommend Emmaline's patterns to anyone.  It's also so nice to be able to support a local (Alberta) supplier and pattern maker.

I had hoped to get a few more of my own tops quilted in 2017, but there's always next year :)

Happy New Year and thanks for reading my blog.  I learn so much and take so much inspiration from other blogs I follow, I just hope I can inspire or inform a few people as well.   Or, at the very least, entertain you with some photos of nice quilts and my ramblings. 

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