Saturday, 16 December 2017

Slab Blocks

In 2015-2016, my guild decided we would do a couple of block swaps.  The first one was fake but the second one was a real block swap/lottery.

We made Slab Blocks, which are in Cheryl Arkison's and Amanda Jean Nyberg's
book a Month of Sundays.  Cheryl had shared on her blog the process for making them.  They are basically monochromatic scrap blocks, each block was an entry into the draw.  And we made so many blocks that there were 2 draws for 12 blocks, and I think even a 3rd draw for a smaller set.

I won!    And then the blocks sat and sat....until this summer, when I was working on another scrappy project, and I pulled them out.  I made 4 more blocks, to make a top 60x60.  I played with the layout a bit, and decided I could kind of make these diagonal rows of colors, so that helped me to decide which color blocks I needed to make for my extras.

 And I had quilted a client quilt with this straight-ish randomly spaced lines, and wanted to do one like that again, so I got it quilted right away--and the binding on the front....and then my hands went wonky and I've not gotten the binding hand stitching done, but thought I'd share the quilt anyway, so ignore the binding sticking up every which way.

 Above is the block I made and put in the swap--it was fun to make, and fun to look at, as I used as many scraps from the 100 Modern Quilt blocks quilt as I could. 
 This blue block was one of the extras I made--scraps from so many quilts in there....same with the red one below.  I can start to see the appeal scrap quilts have for quilters. 
 And the backing was fabric I had intended to back my Grandma's quilt with, but didn't actually have enough. 

I used wool batting, so got lovely texture from the quilting.  I will look forward to snuggling under it once I get the binding finished.

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