Friday, 15 December 2017

Jen Kingwell BOM

Linda made this Jen Kingwell BOM, called Long Time Gone. 
 When she brought it to me, she wanted some edge to edge quilting....but this Quilt and I had discussions for a few weeks, as it was left laying across my frame when I was unable to quilt.  

Linda had wanted wavy crosshatch across the whole quilt, but my challenge was the scale of the piecing varied so much from section to section.  That, plus the discussions the Quilt and I were this is what the two of us (the Quilt and I) came up with--simple, freehand, as continuous as possible, custom quilting to honor the incredible amount of time Linda spent piecing, with plenty of wavy crosshatch as per Linda's vision. 

And now the real reason you are here....

 Look below--do you see it?  I didn't see it until Linda came to pick up her quilt--I missed some quilting.  So Linda only got to visit her quilt that day, and had to leave it with me so I could add that missing line of stitching.
 I was so very pleased that Linda had chosen wool batting--it sure allows the texture to pop.
 We (Q and I), decided that the grey strips needed to be left unquilted, a place for the eyes to rest between block segments.

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  1. Piecing and quilting are just beautiful. I love how you and the quilt decided to quilt this.