Monday, 18 December 2017


I made this little quilt top from a Cherrywood fabrics Grab bag, which was gifted to me by a friend.    I was so excited, I've seen other quilters use these fabrics, which are dyed and look like suede, but they aren't readily available in Canada.

I sat on the fabric for a long time, waiting for inspiration on what I could make, maximizing the use of the fabrics.  And then I was inspired to make an hourglass block quilt by a quilt Katherine made and I had my plan.  It took another year to execute....

this photo used a it shows the colors better,  but not the quilting definition.

 I decided on very simple continuous curve quilting, and I love the effect.  Wool batting always helps with the definition.    I love the back of the quilt too.

 I auditioned a few different bindings, but nothing looked good with the quilt top--so I decided on a knife edge finish, and facing seemed like the easiest of those to accomplish.  I've never faced a quilt before, so I referred to a tutorial by Silly Boo Lilly Super Duper Easy way to Face a quilt.  And I ask you, how can you NOT use a tutorial that is billed as Super Duper Easy? 
I did a pretty good job using up the grab bag, these little pieces are all that's left.
 I really enjoyed using my Tucker Trimmer for making the blocks nice and square--it's a great tool that I've used over and over.  I recommend it.  I also love the Cute Cuts cutting mat--it is two sided, so I can always turn it over if I need more contrast between the fabric and the mat to see exactly where my piece edges are. 
and here's a 'flimsy' photo, which I always find interesting to see what a difference the quilting makes.

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