Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Baptist Fan

Now that Colleen has presented this quilt, I can show you the whole thing.

Hmm, I forget the exact dimensions, I think it's 27x27ish.  It was a fat quarter challenge for our guild, Friends and Needles.  Colleen received 4 FQ's and had to make a completed project for the owner of the 4 FQ's.    I'm new to the guild this past year...I'll have to find 4 FQ's so I can play too!

Here are some is one of Colleens previous FQ exchange projects, this one I quilted on my domestic sewing machine.  The thread was a lovely sulky twist.

Even  the backing is pieced in a lovely way.

 And I cannot find pictures of the one I did on my 9" shortarm machine on a frame. :( but it was also lovely.  You'll just have to take my word for it. 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Lonely LongArm

this is what my longarm looked like over the Christmas break...all alone and with the dust cover on.  Between travelling for Christmas with the family, hosting friends for New Year's and another trip with the family after New Year's there was no time for quilting for about 3 weeks.

There was, however, time to do some Canadian snorkeling.

and a lot of other fun stuff over the holidays.

I signed up for the New Year's Day Mystery Quilting Class at Longarm University, and manged to finish piecing the quilt this past weekend, and now have it loaded and ready to start the 'mystery quilting'. 

Here's the top left corner of my top...ready to quilt.  Now, off to play!