Susie's Magic Binding--Aunt Marti's 52 Quilts

I like machine stitching.  I don't enjoy hand stitching.  And so, I'm always on the lookout for ways to avoid hand stitching.  Binding is one place where I can avoid hand stitching.

These bindings have all been 100% machine stitched.  If it's done well, you get a nice even line of stitching on the back.  I usually use the same thread I used in the bobbin while quilting, and it's quite discreet.

I also like the look of the faux piping, it think it adds to the design of the quilt.
 Sometimes it can be very subtle, such as the dark solid below, but at the same time, it really solved the problem of what to bind that indigo quilt was much easier to find a binding after that solid transition.

This is my new favourite method of binding.  I used to use Ricky Tim's piped binding from his Grand Finale DVD all the time, but Susie's is simpler, and uses less materials overall.  For utility quilts, for me, no hand stitching is the way to go!  Well...I handstitch around the label, but that's about it these days.

Aunt Marti at Aunt Marti's 52 Quilts has done a great tutorial, so I'll send you there if you want more information on this binding.

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