Thursday, 26 March 2020

52 Blocks 52 Weeks

Katherine made this 52 Blocks 52 Weeks quilt and added the date blocks to get the layout she wanted. 

She asked me for an all over leaf freehand design. 

 I love looking at all the fabrics Katherine used.

It took me a lot of drawing to decide on this freehand leaf design.  I quite like it.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

The Good Life

My guilds challenge in 2019 was that we each got a charm pack (or equivalent*) of The Good Life fabric by Bonnie and Camille  and had to make a project.  It was so fun to see all the reveals--each so different.  And apparently I didn't take photos once the binding was finished. 

I started out to make an 8 pointed star--had a great pattern, but didn't need the template that came with because I had a diamond template already.....but I forgot simple template was a 60degree, and I needed 45 degree.   So....I went back to the drawing board and played around, cut as many diamonds as I could and came up with this.  I added a white, a coral, and the grey dot border.   I left it hexagonal, as now I made a hexagon quilt too!!!😄

I didn't add a hanging sleeve, as I imagined it as a table topper.  Nice and cheery for spring.  

 This the the project I got back.  Isn't it darling?  And the baptist fan quilting?  I know that's skilled ruler work quilting with the longarm--Sandy did this ruler quilting on her domestic machine, which I imagine is even harder....I love it

 * we started with a FQ bundle (12 charms per FQ) and a jelly roll (4- 10" lengths/strip), and cut it such that each of us got the same amount of fabric.  I got 10" x 2.5" strips, so was able to cut the diamonds.  Wouldn't have worked with 5"x 5" squares. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Hearts 2020

 When better to catch up on blogging than during a quarantine (we are all fine, but staying home), and what better quilt to start with than this cute baby quilt with pink and red hearts made by Dana?

 This was the first, and only, quilt I quilted in January 2020, and it happens to be the exact same pattern and same quilt maker as the first quilt I did in January 2019.   At the time I had thought it might be nicer without the echo-d lines in the white squares--and so now I got to try it again.  I like it both ways..