Saturday, 25 September 2021

Windmills, Prairie Points and Florals


Heather recently brought me two baby quilts to do.  This first one is windmills with prairie points (she says babies just love grabbing onto them).  We decided on a light custom on this quilt, to follow the piecing and to allow those prairie points to be free.  The quilting really shows well because Heather likes to use double batting on baby quilts.  It makes them a little thicker, and I think a very nice play mat, which is how most baby quilts are used these days, as the babies sleep in sleep sacks instead of with blankets.

She used really cute fabrics in this one.  

The second quilt has lots of floral fabrics, and so Heather chose a freehand floral design for this one.  

Lots of work went into the piecing of this one, making the points all match.  

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Fractal Bargello quilt


When I spotted this two fabric bargello on Keystone Modern Creative's website, I just had to have it.  The pattern is Fractal by Patti Carey

I've long had a bargello on my list of quilts to make, because my Nana (my Dad's Grandma) used to do bargello needle point, and I've got a pillow made of bargello needlepoint my Aunt made me (which I absolutely loved as a kid).  But, a bargello is a lot of work, and so this one really struck my fancy. I also really liked that the background fabric goes between each column on this pattern, and the rainbow sealed the deal. 

The color changes within each main color block are all at crazy angles, and so I decided to carry that along into my quilting design, and it also fit the Fractal name of the quilt. 
I've given this one to my sister, but if I find this fabric again, I'll for sure make another.

Monday, 20 September 2021

Pieces of My Heart


Marilyn made this improv Pieces of My Heart quilt for an anniversary gift for someone special in her life.  

Marilyn asked me to leave an open area so she could add some handstitching--she had a word, meaningful to the recipients, to embroider in there.  I've just basted in that circle for stability while she stitched.
The rest of it I did some of Christina Cameli's combined designs that Marilyn had spotted on my instagram when I took the class and posted my practice piece--she asked then if that could go on her quilt.  I was happy to oblige.  It's maybe a little easier to see on the backing. 

Sunday, 19 September 2021

Hourglass quilt


Linda made this awesome hourglass quilt with some Jen Kingwell fabrics.   Lots of texture in the fabrics.  She said it was a little challenging with the stretchy weave of some of them, but it turned out great.  

Linda chose a light custom quilting to highlight the piecing. 

E's and L's in the border to complement the loop in the quilting in the blocks. 

Linda gave this quilt to some very lucky family members.  I think she was tempted to keep it for herself.

The quilting created a very interesting pattern on the backing.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Elvira III

 This is the second Elvira quilt I've madeElvira was a one day sew along Gudrun Elra hosted back in March 2020.   I saw a version on facebook with a unified dark background and really liked it, so made this one.  

I had a lot of fun quilting this one.  I had taken a designing class from Christina Cameli, and one of the exercises she had us do was draw a few shapes, and then take each one of those shapes and try to turn them into an Edge to Edge design.   I really liked this one when I drew it, so stitched it out here.  I am pleased with the process and the results.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Grassy Creek


This is Vicki's Grassy Creek, which was the Winter 2020 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt


What was extra fun about this quilt is, when Bonnie released the fabric colors and yardage requirements last fall, and the LQS was still restricting the number of shoppers,  Vicki said "I like Bonnie's colors, you buy the fabric when you get yours".  So I got to pull fabric for two quilts., which was super fun.   Luckily I also ran into a friend Lori at the fabric store, so I had a valued second opinion when buying Vicki's fabrics.    Vicki also added some greens and greys that she had in stash already.
I quilted a freehand clamshell with a curl in the middle.  I enjoyed putting the freehand clamshell on the previous Bonnie Hunter quilt I did--because the unit sizes are small and consistent I was able to use the piecing as guidelines to keep my clams relatively consistent in size.   This time I put the curl in a different spot.  Any variations are organic and add interest :) 


Saturday, 11 September 2021

Church Quilts


Although the quilters at the church couldn't meet in person in the past 18 months, we have been busy stocking up on our supply of quilts.  These quilts were made by many different sewers in their home, and then I quilted them and sent them back out for binding.  

Yellow Brick Roads

Fun childrens quilts
and a rails quilt



Friday, 10 September 2021

Joan's Quilt


Joan made this quilt, I'm not sure what the pattern is, or if she just drafted this herself.  

E's and 3's for the win, adding a nice texture and movement to the quilt.

Joan also added this lovely back art into her pieced backing

Thursday, 9 September 2021

NIckels and Dimes


This is a quilt that I made.  It was a kit I got at Flare Fabrics when they were closing.  

It's a fun layer cake pattern, and a great pattern for angles because the blocks get trimmed to size and no seams have to match.
The quilt is all Bali batiks, and I gave it to an Aunt who has spent time in Indonesia and South East Asia, I thought she would appreciate the fabrics, as well as the cozy. 

The Ivory backing is a bit special for that Aunt too.  Years ago she had a very white parka, and I was always amazed she could keep it clean and white--I'm a bit more like Peanuts Pig Pen so she always impressed me with her white parka, and white sweaters, and white pants.  

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Stars Memory Quilt


Jessica made this memory quilt for a new baby in the family.  The stars are made from Grandpas shirts.  The background is Allison Glass Plaids.    

I think Grandpa must have been a very smart dresser.
I asked Jessica what pattern she used and she said she drafted it herself after seeing something similar.

Friday, 3 September 2021

Jelly Roll Race


This is Sujatha's Jelly Roll Race quilt (although I think she cut her own 2 1/2" strips from her stash), and she made it for Blankets of Love  

Blankets of Love requests Hearts in the quilt, so I picked two rows and quilted hearts into those rows.  The rest of the quilt got meandering loops.

Thursday, 2 September 2021



Colleen made this quilt, and the challenge of preparing these posts while I'm offsite is I don't have my book to refer to the pattern names.     {I've checked my notes now, didn't help :P}

I quilted it with a flat, watery looking meander.
and a gorgeous grey minkee on the back of this white-grey-black quilt