Monday, 30 November 2020

Dinosaurs- Elizabeth Hartman

I made these dinosaur pillows for my 3 year old nephew, who just got his "big boy bed".   Coincidentally, the bedding his Mom got him was also dinosaur themed, so I was definitely on the right track.  I think these big pillows are just the thing for leaning against while reading in bed. 

The pattern has directions for a couple of different sized pillows, I'm pretty sure I modified these a bit from the pattern.   I made a 20" and a 26"     One of the things I really like about how Elizabeth Hartman writes her patterns is she gives the directions to  make the quilt or to make one block at a time.  She often even gives multiple options for quilt size.   And there are usually instructions to make a pillow.
  My absolute favorite are the stubby little T-rex forelegs.
This was the third October in a row that I found myself making Elizabeth Hartman pillow(s).   I usually do them at my quilting retreat.  This year I got to work at home.  What is really neat is I can tell that my accuracy has improved.  I think two things really contributed to the improved accuracy. 

  First, using a wool pressing pad.   I have a friend who does amazing precision piecing, and she says the wool pad has improved her precision--something to do with the fibers not allowing the fabric to shift and distort when pressing. 
And second, using the  corner pop ruler --traditional piecing would have you drawing a line across the diagonal, sewing on the line, and then trimming the excess fabric.  The problem is I am challenged at drawing straight lines, even using a ruler!     So, with the Corner Pop ruler I cut first, then sew.   And I'm more accurate, so that's a win.

When the offcut is too small for the corner pop, or if you want to try this method with a regular ruler--line up the 1/4" on the diagonal and then trim. 


Saturday, 28 November 2020

Annette's Boxes

Annette brought me this lovely top to work on and there were florals in the squares so I chose this somewhat floral design (I'm guessing it's from one of Christina Camelli's books). 
I really like the color of the background fabric.

and a great backing fabric too!!  Also a little floral.


Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Journey 2 Nebula Seaside, Lucky Charms and Jawbreaker

 Nebula is Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts big new pattern coming out in January 2021 as a Block of the Month, kitted with Tula Pink Fabrics.    Julie realized that many of the people signed up for Nebula might not have much experience with her specialty rulers, or even with quilting, so she is hosting Journey2Nebula, each week sharing a little video about cutting a certain shape or piecing those shapes together.  I decided it might be fun to play along, and it could be a way to use up the end of the Betty's Luncheonette fabrics.  It has been lovely to have some smaller projects to play with. 

First up was Seaside, which according to the pattern is a table runner.  My version is a 26" pillow.  
I did the quilting all freehand, so no rulers were involved in the diagonal lines--they aren't all perfect but close enough for the purpose.   

Next was Lucky Charm .   Lucky Charm is a 20" pillow.


 And the third project was Jawbreaker --the pattern is for a 20" pillow but I made it 26" 

And this one I got a photo of after I put the backing on, stuffed.    I think these 26" pillows are a great size for propping oneself up for reading in bed.  

Monday, 2 November 2020

Mariners Compass


This is Katherine's quilt and the photo that she posted on her instagram.  I just love the quilt against the red barn.

Katherine said "this is my version of a Mariners Compass quilt, Massachusetts circa 1840 from the Pilgrim/Roy collection.  It was shown at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in 2014".    If you have instagram and can look at Katherine's (@quiltkat) post she included a photo of her inspiration quilt.  I cannot link to it from here.  

Katherine had no pattern, so she drafted these blocks herself.    We didn't want the quilting to be too heavy--and of course there should be feathers.

I was glad to borrow Katherine's photo, as the light was so poor the day I took photos, I got much better photos on the frame.  My goal was to emphasize the circles of the compasses, and I was so glad to see that showed in Katherine's distance photo 

I'm so glad I get to quilt for Katherine.