Saturday, 30 May 2020

Gail's Spring Quilt

Gail made this beautiful quilt in batiks for a very lucky family member.  
She played with the block layout and came up with the striped effect. 

Friday, 29 May 2020


Deborah bought this kit at a quilt shop in Hawaii.  

 There was a lot of work in the appliqued pineapples, so we decided on a custom treatment.   Deborah wanted minimal quilting in the pineapples, so they got only a few lines of in the ditch quilting.  E and 3 in the background, some line dancing in the triangles and a ribbon candy in the outer border. 

Monday, 25 May 2020

Hawaii Log Cabin

 Deborah made this quilt with fabric she bought on a trip to Hawaii.   I decided it needed some ocean, so it got a water design. 

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Santa's Ride by Lisa

While it is sunny and warm today, I'm pretty sure it was still snowing when I quilted this top for Lisa back in early March.

We decided on minimal outlining and detail stitching in the applique, E&3 in the body of the quilt and separate treatment of the borders. 

 I used ribbon candy (because that was an old time Christmas treat) in the white and red borders, and Christmas ribbons in the dark green border.  
 Take a closer look at this amazing applique.

 if you're young enough not to know ribbon candy.... 
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Thursday, 21 May 2020


Angela brought me these two bargello quilts--gifts for her 13 year old twin grandchildren,  quilts that are "same but different".   She asked for the same quilting design on both. 

The quilts are very different in fabric choices--

 I love bargello quilts but have never made one myself.  My great grandma made needlepoint bargello--I remember her stitching on them.  I have a few of the canvasses she made--but have done nothing with them--I should turn them into pillows or something.  
 One of my favourite childhood pieces was a pillow in the shape of the letter M that my aunt made me--it had bargello needlepoint on the front, and blue corduroy on the sides/back.    I'd show you a photo of it but it's buried deep in the closet of the room my husband is occupying for his zoom calls, so I think he might find me digging in the closet a little disruptive 😉  So, you'll have to make do with photos of quilts. 

 Angela picked up this fabulous rainbow backing at Maple Leaf Quilting 

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Glorious and Free

 Vicki bought this Glorious and Free quilt (pattern by Quilter on Fire) as a kit last summer.  The fabric line is Northcott Oh Canada. 
 Once I decided I wanted to switch thread colors this became a light custom quilting job, with different areas receiving different designs and textures.  It was fun. 

 Vicki did a pieced backing--with some leaf blocks there too.  

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Gypsy Wife

This is Dana's Gypsy Wife quilt, pattern by Jen Kingwell

Jen Kingwell patterns are always so much fun to quilt, and Dana's fabric choices are so interesting to explore as I quilt.  Dana added some length to the quilt to make it bed sized.

Here are 3 photos of the same part of the quilt...before quilting
 during quilting
 and fresh off the frame
When quilting this sort of a quilt, I try to leave some frames (and in this quilt some of the long strips) unquilted, to give the eyes a bit of a resting place, and it's another way of adding texture as well.  

 Dana and I decided to group several of the stripes together in the quilting--and to keep the quilting costs reasonable this was all freehand--no rulers.  I'm so lucky my Innova can handle ditching vertically and horizontally so easily. 

 I picked several quilting designs and just kept repeating them, always a good method for sampler quilts, where each block is unique. 

 So many photos....but each part of the quilt is unique....
 I have fun spotting fabrics I've used in quilts before...

 The quilting shows nicely on the back too---love using a wool batting.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Avignon Picnic

 Pat made this Avignon Picnic quilt for her granddaughter. 
 This was a project started years ago, and it had to marinate and age for a while until it was ready to be finished. 
 I quilted it with a modern spiral, which I thought suited a young adult. *turns out I used this quilting design again quite quickly :) **