Monday, 19 February 2018

Flannel Flowers

 This lovely quilt was a collaboration between Noreen and her daughter, and the quilt is for Noreen's granddaughter.  I think the daughter did all of the piecing, and then stalled on the quilting, so Noreen sent it to me.
 The top is all lovely, soft flannels, with lots of florals, so I kept the quilting loose and added freehand flowers and loops.
 and a nice little hexagon fabric....
 The backing was also pieced flannel, and I have to share what Noreen did with the backing.

 Noreen knew the backing wasn't big enough for the longarm, so she added strips (the dark grey below) on all 4 sides so I'd have enough room for attaching to the leaders, and for my side clamps.   I recognized the fabric from these strips--they are the cut off bits from other backings.    The straight line of stitching down the right hand side of the floral flannel is my basting stitch--so Noreen can cut those grey strips off and no-one but you and I will ever know :P.    And, as added bonus, she'll have the strips to use again if necessary.   The straight stitching across the bottom of the photo shows there was a little more leeway on that side of the backing, but still fantastic to have those extra leader strips.  I would have been worried without them.