Tuesday, 30 June 2020

3D Ocean Quilt

Ann made this quilt for her grandson, and the Northcott fabric is very interesting because you can look at it through 3D glasses and it presents as 3D.  What an amazing world we live in!! 
I used a water meander freehand quilting design.   

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Quarter Sections in Hundred Acre Wood

I made these two baby quilt with Winnie the Pooh fabric I ordered online from The Sugar Pine during the quarantine.  My DH helped pick the fabrics--the quilts are a gift for babies of a friend of his, so he got to pick (from limited options I gave him).   I used the Quarter Sections pattern, which is a great Fat Quarter pattern and appropriate for a farm family. 

The quilts are same but different--perfect for twins.   Some of the same fabrics in each quilt, some unique fabrics.   Two different quilting designs.     

And sometimes I get whimsical--this first one has crop circles

And the second one has blowing prairie winds....

And this very soft lamb cuddle minkee on the back....also appropriate for a farm family.   The cuddle is from Maple Leaf Quilting

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Linda's Stars

These are Linda's stars, and after a Zoom consultation (on this and on her Butterflies and Baskets), she decided on E and 3's freehand quilting on this top. 
I love the pops of blue.  

Linda finds the perfect backings.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Betty's Luncheonette

I'm still working my way through the FQ bundle of Betty's Luncheonette (by Violet Craft)  fabric I bought last summer at Purple Katz .   It was actually a kit with a pattern, but I didn't care for the pattern, so I've been doing different things with the fabric.  First was Raffia Weave,
and now I've finished these two, which are quilts 4 and 5.  I haven't quilted 2 and 3 yet. 
I didn't take the above photo in the right orientation--I took the time when cutting and applying the borders to make the pineapples stand upright all the way around....but then took the photo sideways.   
These blocks are from Puddle Jumping by Thimble Blossoms
A gorgeous navy minkee on the back. 

I'm really not sure how to even describe this quilting design--I tend to say random straight lines, except they're more than that....they bend and wind around

No matter the lack of a name---I like the texture . 

These two quilts, the same (fabrics) but different (pattern and quilting) went to sisters.

Baskets and Butterflies

This is Linda's Baskets and Butterflies, a Jen Kingwell pattern.    Or maybe it's called Spring Fever?  I couldn't find the exact pattern online. 
I know this quilt took Linda a long time to craft---all that hand applique.   My husband wandered by to have a look while I was quilting and he couldn't quite believe it was all hand stitched down.  
Echos behind the flower baskets and a meandering flight path behind the butterflies.   As little quilting as possible on the appliques--some of the baskets needed some quilting in them though. 

Linda had to wait a long time, in these Covid days, for her backing fabric to arrive.  It was worth the wait! 


I added the outer white border--which I think made it about 88x88, gives the eye a place to rest before the binding, and kept my points from being lost  in the binding. 

I have fun with these quilts--usually because right from the beginning they involve a shopping trip with friends, and often, many days of sewing together.   They certainly involve many days of sewing....it keeps me out of trouble!  

I already had the blue fabrics--and bought the rest at Willow Creek Quilts

It's also fun because you don't really know what you're making until the very end--just units--step 2 wound up being the sashing.    I also really enjoy the secondary patterns in Bonnie's blocks---this one you can sometimes see some round shapes--and while it might look like two different blocks, it was one block and a narrow sashing...
Bonnie makes her quilts really scrappy, but I prefer a more controlled look, so had 4 blue fabrics and 2 aqua fabrics, as well as 4 neutral fabrics.  I did have enough variety that I think each star block was a unique combination--maybe one repeat. 

Wool batting and E's and 3's for the quilting design.  I really liked this solid grey wideback I got at Maple Leaf Quilting---if they had more I'd buy more.    When I washed the quilt it crinkled up just the right amount. 

Thursday, 18 June 2020


Ruth brought me this Yikes! Quilt to quilt for her Son-in-Law.   I took inspiration from the fabric with the wavy lines and decided to use the Time Warp pantograph.  That fabric is the gold fabric on the lower right in the photo above.  
I love the texture and movement this panto gives a quilt. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Noreen's Star

Isn't this a great HST (half-square triangles) quilt?   I decided to do freehand diamond spirals in this quilt, heading out from center as a bit more of a modern nod, and to keep the quilting from becoming too dense.
I don't often use variegated threads, but this quilt wanted a variegated. 

I am very pleased with the texture on this quilt. 
Noreen usually brings lovely wide backs and this flannel was no exception.  It felt so nice.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Ballerina Quilt

I know....you don't see any ballerinas, do you?  Just wait....  Debra made this bright and cheery quilt for her granddaughter.  It was so nice to quilt this spring-like quilt on a snowy April day. 
Hearts were Debra's request for the quilting. 
And her are the ballerinas--on this oh so soft Riley Blake flannel backing.