Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Cheryl's Quilt

It's hard naming the posts when I don't know what the pattern is for the quilt.  I think this is a jelly roll quilt with a constant fabric.

 These border fabrics are really neat.
 E's and 3's gave this bed quilt nice texture.

Cheryl also made two pillow shams to go with this quilt.  I really like how she designed them.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Magic Squares

This is one my my quilts, I made it this summer, from a kit I'd bought at Quilt Canada in Lethbridge last year.

I bought it because I really liked the look and layout of the sample they had, but, of course, I wound up playing and changing the layout. 

It was a neat quilt to make--it used 5" WOF strips, which is one of the pre-cut sizes you can buy.

E's and 3's and a nice minkee on the back

I found a photo of my blocks in the layout shown on the pattern, but I decided that I wanted the more traditional barn raising layout.  I might have liked the layout below more had I bothered to move the fabrics around a bit more. 

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Batik Beauty

 This quilt is Noreen's as well.   But it sure looks like it belongs in my room.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Churn Dash

Kathleen's churn dash was a lot of fun to quilt.    I wanted to make the background fabric recede, and have the 'churns' come forward. 

 In the photos above and below, you can see that I carried the churn dash shape into the setting triangles. 

 Lots of fun fabrics in this quilt.

Kathleen likes her quilt backs to be as pretty as the fronts.
 I came really close to being centered, top and bottom.  The only way to be more accurate than this would be to start at the middle, and that would take a whole extra set of time. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016


This is another fabulous quilt by Noreen.  Aren't those fabrics just great?  Florals can look so different.

 If I remember the story correctly, Noreen said she and her DIL Crystal spotted this fabric line in a quilt store, but were determined not to buy unless there was a project, so they went home and flipped through their stash of quilting magazines, and found this pattern.  THEN went back to the store and bought the fabrics.  That's a great strategy.
 E's and 3's added nice texture to this quilt.
 And a lovely flannel for the backing. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Just Can't Cut It

I finally learned the name of this pattern that Noreen uses a lot.  It's called Just Can't Cut It by All Washed Up Quilts . 

I used the fabric as my cue for this quilt, and quilted daisies and loops.     I love that blue and yellow floral.  So fun. 
Noreen says this is a good quilt to piece when the grandchildren are around--it's hard to go wrong, even with distractions.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Chevrons by Kathleen

Kathleen often just says "have fun" when she hands me her quilt.  And, so I do.

I've been wanting to quilt a Chevron quilt for some time, so thanks for making one for me to play with Kathleen.

 I quilted a wedge design in the coloured rows, and various designs in the white rows.   I'm pretty sure I saw the continuous curve - wedge design on one of Nightowl Quilting's posts. 
 Every second row got u-turns.  The other white rows were unique.   Designs from Angela Walters, Jodi Robinson, or just that I've seen around or done before.

 I rarely used a pure white thread before meeting Kathleen.  She brings me all these marvelous quilts with white backgrounds....I've had to restock my white thread twice :)  Great problem to have. 
 Kathleen always brings interesting backs.  I love this fabric below. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Diamonds and Applique

Heather made this wonderful quilt.  The focal point, is of course, the applique in the center.  Heather wanted McTavishing around the applique and only what stitching was required within the applique to keep it from pouching.  So, the centers of the flowers got stitched, and just a few lines in the vase, echoing the print of the fabric.

 For the rest of the blocks, Heather wanted something rounded and flowing, so this lovely filigree E2E design was perfect.  I think this design is elegant, and it suited Heathers quilt perfectly.

 And for the borders, Heather drew what she wanted--which was longarm feathers.  I've not felt confident stitching these before, but I think all that drawing and practice when I was learning Nemeshing Feathers paid off, because these flowed wonderfully. 
 Isn't that border fabric great?

 This quilt is a great example of being able to put some custom treatment on a quilt (the medallion) but the rest is E2E in the blocks, and separate border treatment (the feathers), with minimal stitch in the ditch.  It certainly doesn't have to be all or nothing when it comes to quilting--you are the designer of your own quilt, and you can choose. 
Heather brought a Cotton/Wool batting, and I enjoyed using it.  It gives nice definition to the quilting, that's for sure.
I'm so lucky that my job allows me play with all these amazing quilts.

Friday, 18 November 2016

What do Skeletons, Math and Hearts have in common?

They're all in this quilt.
Yvonne made this quilt for her daughter, who is just graduated as an x-ray technician. 

Her first degree is in maths.

 And the hearts to represent a Mom's love are in the fleece backing.
 What a great combination. 
I know Yvonne is very proud of her daughters achievements.