Friday, 28 August 2020

Shape Shifter 3

This is Vicki's Shape Shifter. (if you want the shape shifter story have a look at the previous post)

I love the blues in this quilt.   This quilt and I had quite the discussion.    It kept telling me it wanted E&3.  I kept telling it "this is my get out of the rut summer" and showing it designs from Christina's book....

we couldn't come to an agreement, so I phoned the referee  (Vicki) and she agreed with the quilt, so E&3 it was....a great choice.  The quilt and referee were right.   There is definitely a reason why it is my go to design. 

There are Zebra's on the back....if you've been reading along on the blog you will have noticed all these great upcycled fabric backings Vicki has been using--this was a tablecloth. 

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Shape Shifter 2

This is Lori's Shape Shifter, it was a one day mystery quilt from Sharon Blackmore of  LoveShack Quilts, and was happening at the same time as guild retreat in October 2019, so 5 of us made this quilt at retreat.  We had a lot of fun with this.  

For the quilting I took inspiration from the Paris fabric, and thought this Christina Cameli Rapunzel design might look like some wrought iron on a balcony in Paris.  Again, this is a design I've been looking for the right place to use for some time now....this was it. 

Here are our 5 shape shifter flimsy's together---I've quilted the middle one you can see that here

Thursday, 20 August 2020


Way way back, at the beginning of this Covid-19 madness, when everyone first started staying home in March, Gudrun of GE Designs hosted a one day quilting class and pattern called Elvira.  I think something like 16,000 quilters from around the world participated (or at least downloaded the pattern). 
4 of my friends and I played along---we had fun sending photos back and forth, checking on our progress and so on.    This is Vicki's Elvira.  The pattern is designed as a fat quarter pattern, and I know Vicki used bits she had on hand--some may have been smaller than FQ sized. 
Quilted with Christina Cameli's Vestal design.   I've been sketching this one out for years, just hadn't found the right quilt for it yet. 

Monday, 17 August 2020

Bicycles, Watermelons and Stars

Lisa brought me her Bicycles, Watermelons and Stars quilt, and asked me to custom quilt it, not too heavy.   The pattern is by Jan Patek
I looked at this quilt for quite a while before deciding what to do....I knew I'd quilted a version of this once before, so first looked at that ---and it had received an edge to edge Clamshell

I decided on the watermelon rinds first, and started quilting, knowing the rest would come to be as I went.  Then I decided to add "slices" in the watermelon.    I loved the texture and movement in the background fabric on this block, so followed some of the lines with stitching. 

The stars remind me of the Hamilton the Musical logo.  Maybe because we had just watched it.  So glad they made it available on TV.

The bricks behind this bicycle might just be my favourite. 

I had to sneak in a Christina Cameli design--so this block got Flourish as background
I've discovered a great outdoor spot for photos--the feathers in the border show nicely on this photo---I kept in mind the instruction "not heavy" here, and used a very open feather design. 

The quilting showed really nicely on the back too--

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Heather's Stars

Heather has been working (on and off) on this stars quilt for a long time.   She brought it to me for E&3 quilting, which adds a lovely rounded texture to offset all those pointy stars. 
I think her plan is for this quilt to go on their bed. 
My photos don't show it well, the background fabric is green. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

LInda's Nautical /Sampler

Linda asked for waves and an ocean feeling to this quilt....and, this being my summer of get out of a rut by channeling Christina Cameli, I turned to her Ocean Waves Mashup IGTV video and away I went. 
It was fun!

Monday, 10 August 2020


This is Noreen's Passages, a pattern by the Guilty Quilter 

She wanted some custom quilting to highlight the piecing. 

I chose the concentric spirals in the back background because of the backing fabric.

And here's a before photo--quilting defnitely added dimension to the project, and this one had a lot of dimension to begin with!  (meaning the illusions in the piecing, as it was very well pieced and I'm sure the quilt would have laid flat had I made more effort to lay it out properly).