Thursday, 29 October 2020

Pineapple Daisies

Deborah brought me this pineapple quilt and because of the floral fabrics wanted a floral design.  

For interest (mostly my own), the centers of the flowers varied, but I don't think I succeeded in capturing that in the photos.  

Pineapple blocks are ones I've always admired--the greatest part of being a longarm quilter for hire is I can play with many more quilts than I can piece.


Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Houses for Ferdi

Nancy took the remaining houses from her Houses for Neil quilt (too many blocks were gifted to be contained in just one quilt), and made this top for Ferdi.     She used a flannel for the batting.   
I like that the alternating blocks march in a diagonal path. 
a meander was perfect to hold the layers together and allow the houses to shine. 


Monday, 26 October 2020

100 Acre Woods, Quarter Sections 3

When I was cutting out the Highway 10 Designs  Quarter Sections Winnie the Pooh quilts earlier this year, I cut carefully and was able to cut enough pieces for a third quilt (yay!).   This one is quilted with Christina Cameli's collapsed spirals, which I have done before, so it didn't strictly meet my requirements of getting out of my quilting rut, but I like it too much to not use it, and it was still a Christina design.  

 Here's a photo of the nice stack of my (our) own quilts quilted in August.  

If you're the counting type you'll notice I haven't shown the 2nd one and  bottom one yet--- I won't until they are gifted. ;)

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Checkers, Anyone?

Checkers, Anyone? is a kit I got at Rumpled Quilt Skins last December.   As normally happens in that gorgeous store, I found a kit I couldn't resist, carried it around with me while I browsed the rest of the store, had internal and external conversations about not needing another project, what will I DO with the quilt (still don't know), but it's so lovely, don't need it, I know exactly how I'm going to quilt it etc etc,  until one of my friends ("the enabler") compared the price to a ski lift ticket (our husbands were probably skiing that December day), and then bought the kit.   I knew how I wanted to quilt it---that's what made it come home with me.   Pieced in early March, when I was so thankful for a simple, straight forward project, and quilted in August. 

I just love how they put fabrics together at Rumpled Quilt skins, from across many lines.    I added the dark inner border--it felt more finished to me that way.   Luckily there was enough fabric in the kit to do that--maybe it was supposed to be the binding??
I hadn't realized until I got home how music themed the border fabric was.  I guess cassette tapes are to my kids as 8-tracks were to me. 


Friday, 16 October 2020

Puddle Jumping


This quilt is Puddle Jumping, pattern by Camille Roskelly, feature fabric is Betty's Luncheonette by Violet Craft.    The navy background is a hand dyed Osnaberg.   If the fabrics look familiar, I've been using this de-constructed quilt kit for the past year--this is the 4th quilt I've shown you from these fabrics.  (Raffia Weave and Betty's Luncheonette)  I've added background to a few of the quilts, but this bundle just keeps going....

I quilted it with a Christina Cameli Pod design.   






and I made a pillowcase with the remaining backing and some left over bits from the top.  This is my daughter's grad quilt, and here it is on her bed in residence.  It's bright and cheerful in her room. 

Elvira in Blues


This is my Elvira quilt--also pieced in March.   When everything else came to a screeching halt.  The story behind the quilt and Vicki's version of Elvira can be found on a previous post here.
The free motion quilting pattern is Enoki, from Christina Cameli.  I've been searching for the right quilt to put this on for a while and finally found it.   I gifted this quilt to a 10 year old, and we were discussing what the quilting design could look like---trees, aliens, mushrooms, much fun to imagine.    The young man loves his quilt--his Mom told me she wanted to put it aside while he ate dinner, and was told "Michelle told me to use the quilt and it's washable".  So, the quilt stayed during dinner.   The next day Mom reported it was in the wash!  


And here's a shot of the flimsy in front of a window, with the light shining through...I just love the range of blues in this quilt.   It was another quick, simple project when some simplicity was needed.  It was also fun to work on 'with' friends--texting photos back and forth and checking in on Gudrun's facebook page as progress was made. 

Argyle Affinity


This is my Argyle Affinity, that was a one day online mystery quilt run by Sharon Blackmore in March of 2020.  The Shape Shifter quilts featured in the last few posts were her October 2019 offering.  It's a fun way to spend a day quilting.   It was March--so I had to make due with the fabrics I had on hand, and thus made this 1/2 the pattern size.  It's approx 43x43.   Binding on but not yet stitched to the back in this photo.
It's hard to tell in the photo but the print on the yellow fabrics is purple/pink and turquoise.    I was still looking to try new designs from Christina Cameli's book, and this one reminded me of  the print in the yellow fabric.