Sunday, 30 April 2017

Annette's got a new Grandbaby--

Well--in February she had a new Grandbaby, I'm just behind on my posting.  And, it's only relevant here because Annette made her new grandchild a quilt, and, looking at all she had to accomplish that month, decided to send the quilt to me for quilting.

 If I recall correctly, I got it quilted just in time, and she may have even still been stitching binding on the plane on her way to greet the baby.  AND baby's parents, of course--but maybe not---when my Dad became a Grandpa, we (the new parents) pretty much just became chauffeurs.  He'd phone, and say things like "G (my sister's oldest) is coming for supper, can E (my oldest) come too?"  the oldest of the kids was less than 2 at the time--so they definitely needed chauffeurs and attendants, but really, I think our presence was incidental.   

1/4 log cabin blocks...very nice for a baby.
 I love that blue grunge fabric in there.   
And she put a oh so soft butter colored fireside fleece on the back.

Friday, 28 April 2017


Noreen brought me two Labyrinth quilts at once--this one and her Labyrinth Walk

I loved her choices of Stonehenge fabrics in this quilt.  The labyrinth is very subtle.

this picture below you can see the more beige-y square intertwining with the brown square.
LOVE this fabric on the left below and it's colour variations.  

The split photo above shows the difference  between having the lights on (left) and the lights off (right).  I quilted with the lights off--just the side light from the windows showing the texture, that way I could see where I'd already been. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Labyrinth Walk

Noreen made this great optical illusion quilt, and we decided to put an E2E design on it.

 I LOVE the fabrics she chose, it looks like it just belongs in my room.

 Looking at it from the side takes away the illusion a bit, and makes it a little easier to see the blocks.
 Standing on a chair to get some distance really helped the 3D illusion appear.

and here's the flimsy as I was loading it on the quilting frame
I guess Noreen likes it, because she didn't bring it back to live on my bed :)

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Little Monsters

I had an old a long time acquaintance call to put her quilt in the queue, and it was so nice to hear from her.    This is what she brought me--isn't it fabulous!!

 This is the unquilted flimsy, but just look at all those appliques!  The entire center of the quilt is applique, and most of the borders are too.  HAND APPLIQUE!!  I know, I know, lots of people do it, and do it very well, as C does, but it isn't one of my skills, so I'm always in awe.

and in progress...

I had so much fun quilting this Little Monsters by Don't Look Now quilt.

 Each of the inner borders was different, so they each got quilted differently. 
 I love how this green border turned out --on the back too

C asked for a curly fill between the appliques, and minimal stitching on the appliques themselves, so I only stitched on the appliques that were 3" and bigger. 
 The only ditching is between borders--the other stitching is close enough that ditching wasn't necessary.
 C made this quilt for her nephew, and from what I've heard, he loves it.  There's an extra connection there as well, since how I know C is through her sister, who was one of my university housemates.

 Here's a photo of the full quilt, so you can see all the different borders.  Did I mention how fun this quilt was?

 I love the octopus from the back. 

I have a great job!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Quilts for the Church

As part of the Quilting Ministry at Symons Valley United Church, I quilt liturgical wallhangings, such as Covenants , and also the compassionate quilts made to give to people in the congregation as needed.

We had, at one point a few years ago, built up an inventory, combined with a few years where people stayed relatively healthy, and thus we hadn't had to make compassionate quilts for some time.  When the quilts were all gone, we had to start making again.   These two were needed and gifted almost as soon as they were finished.  So, they have found their homes, and are providing comfort to people as a tangible reminder of the love, hugs and prayers from the remainder of the congregation.

 The compassionate quilts for adults, to date, are all Yellow Brick Roads, and all batik fabrics.  For a very long time, we had leftovers from the permanent banners in the sanctuary that went into the quilts, (and scraps from the quilts that predated the banners in the banners), but we have exhausted that supply now. 
One of the quilters says her husband even recognizes the pattern now, when he sees it.  He should!  I  think we've made about 40 of these. 
 we use a very plain backing, as members of the congregation will sign their well wishes on the back before it is gifted to the recipient.

 I like to quilt these in pairs, as I can get two on the same wide backing.  The quilts usually measure about 49x50 (give or take an inner border) 

This next one is for a child or youth when needed, the last time we made one it wasn't used for 7 years, so we hope to be as lucky with this one, and it can age well in our cabinet.

 The fabrics in this are so fun, and, it  uses bits from the prior child/youth compassionate quilt, so there is that continuity. 

Periodically we gift quilts to the elders (that's a much gentler and better word than Octogenarians--which is hard to determine, since some people age so very well, and we aren't allowed to ask)  in our congregation, unsigned, but able to be signed should the occasion arise.  We want the elders to be wrapped in our love when they are well, having reached such a lofty age, they shouldn't have to wait to be ill as well.  We are working on building our supply of these as well.

and this last little quilt has gone to the Foothills hospital, as part of the quilts my other guild makes for babies in a unit at the hospital.