Thursday, 27 November 2014

Movember-Quarter Sections

 This pattern is Quarter Sections from Highway 10 Designs.  I really like their patterns, and like supporting Canadian designers.

Movember is a fundraising initiative to raise money for men's health issues...the idea is to let your moustache grow in all it's glory for the month of November, while raising funds.

My cousin was having a baby this summer, and I wanted to make a quilt.  I was roaming the quilt store aisles, looking for inspiration and trying to decide which pattern to make and which fabric to use, since I didn't want to make another Yellow Brick Road or a Disappearing 9Patch, when Lori and Kathy released their Quarter Sections pattern.  They named it because it looks like farmland when you're flying overhead.  Also it's a Fat Quarter friendly pattern.  The Quarter Sections was perfect for me, because this cousin and I used to work together on the family farm.    Then, I just needed fabric, and low and behold, this moustache fabric caught my eye.  Also perfect for this family, as their wedding was in November, a few years ago, ---and the groom and his groomsmen were all participating in Movember--and wore their moustaches to the wedding.   Some of guests even completed their outfits by going to the thrift stores and buying polyester leisure suits to accessorize their moustaches.

And I knew there were pictures on their fridge of their older child and their niece wearing paper moustaches, so a continuing theme for this family. 

I quilted in a few freehand moustaches as well.
 But most of the quilting went 'round and 'round and back and forth, which is pretty much what happens on a grain farm....lots of it.

 And for backing I found this doggy flannel, which again, is perfectly suited for this family, as they have the nicest dog.

 And a stuffy puppy with his own little quilt for the older brother.  I've been told he is now named 'Slush' and he likes to watch the Cars movie with his owner, and watch him jump and play, and they read stories together.