Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Labyrinth Walk

This is Marilyn's Labyrinth Walk quilt.    This is the third quilt of this pattern I've been lucky enough to quilt.  Noreen  and Sydney both chose to have their quilts done with an edge to edge pattern, and Marilyn asked for custom quilting.

 So, for this quilt, out came the rulers and some marking tools.  The goal was to enhance the 3-D illusion created by the piecing with added texture.  The piecing is strong enough to have the illusion show regardless of the quilting, which is just adding a consistent texture was a good option for Noreen and Sydney.  But this is also a quilt where it is possible to enhance the illusion.

 So this quilt got 4 different textures, one for each of the 4 fabrics.  The white was left unquilted.  The light got beadboard lines, like wood.  The medium got to be a stone wall, and the dark was a tile floor.
 Marilyn added extra dark borders, to better fit her bed, and the borders were all different widths, so the labyrinth will center on the bed as she wants it to do.  So, I decided the borders would be like tiles, and as with real tiles, when you run out of floor, you get partial tiles. 

 A wool batting helps the textures to shine, and will be comfortable to sleep under as well.

 And I was thrilled when I turned the quilt over to look at the backing, and the texture was strong enough to create the illusion there too!  Mission accomplished.

One of the best parts of my job is to be able to take what is essentially the same quilt, and have it come out looking differently just by adding texture.    Thanks Marilyn, for letting me play.