Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Chopsticks--by Colleen.  This is the quilt she made for the FQ challenge for our guild.  She received 6 FQ (the rules say 4, but you can put more in if you want) in her dental bag, and added 6 more FQ of the same fabrics and the black solid.

The pattern is a Jaybird Quilts pattern, and originally has 12" triangles, but Colleen reduced hers to about 2/3.  Anything smaller and the small black lines get too small.  Colleen wound up with a lovely lap sized quilt to gift to Joanne.

 Angela Walters does a lot of the quilting for Julie Herman's patterns, and I took some inspiration from the class I took from Angela at MQX West for the quilting of this quilt. 
 The patterned triangles got different swirly patterns.
 The fun part was when we did the exchange, Joanne matched her new quilt..she was wearing this shade of blue and black. Both she and the quilt looked lovely.
 and I just loved how the black triangles turned out
 A cozy black minkee on the back shows the quilting beautifully.
 So Fine Charcoal thread for everything but the yellow fabric, a SoFine Straw for that one.  Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Now the black looks blacker LOL.

I'm going to borrow this pattern, someday.


  1. Really fabulous quilting you did on that one. I love all the different designs in the different spaces.

  2. Stunning quilting Michelle -you really made this quilt sing!! Love it!