Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lego Quilt

 This Lego Quilt is a baby quilt my friend Colleen and I made for the son of a family who very much enjoys building Lego.  We took pieces of Lego into the fabric store with us to colour match, and sized our 'bricks' in proportion to actual Lego bricks. 
 I randomly sewed the pieces together while Colleen pressed, and it was truly random, like a 4 year old would build a Lego wall--that was my goal.

 My son, who used to call his bedroom 'the Lego Lab' picked the quilting pattern for me.

 And there is an older sister in the family, so we made these two little panels for her, and made a little book bag.  I had thought I had a picture of the finished bag, but I don't.  You'll have to use your imaginations.  Side 1, same fabrics but different from baby brothers quilt
 and side 2, pieced the same as the baby quilt...