Friday, 19 February 2016

Simply Woven

Simply Woven is a Moda Bake Shop pattern by Jessica Kelly 

The pattern calls for two jelly rolls, which makes a very huge quilt (72x96).  I split my 48 squares into 2 lots, one of 35 and one of 12, and made two quilts.  You could very easily make 24 blocks with one jelly roll, and have a nicely sized quilt of 48x72 without adding any borders.

 I first saw this pattern when one of the ladies at the Longarm Group brought hers for show and tell.  I really liked the woven effect and thought it could be really fun to make. 
 The jelly rolls I used were called Varsity--and were very sports themed. 
I quilted the first one with large open hooks.  This quilt measured 60x84.

These photos are after washing, so show the 'crinkle' from the slight shrinkage.

The second, smaller quilt, I added a border of the red plaid.  This quilt measures about 50x62.
The quilting pattern was similar but different, the smaller quilt got E's and 3's.  
and then I gave the quilts to our nephew and his fiancee--and you'll understand why one was big and one was small, and why they are the same, but different.

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  1. I like, I like. I might have to try that pattern out myself.