Monday, 11 April 2016

Pansies # 2

This is Yvonne's Pansy quilt.  She and Ethel had bought their kits at the same time, both loving the quilt. 

Yvonne is a hand quilter, and had this quilt all layered and pinned.  And then decided she wanted to enjoy it now, not a few years from now, and brought it to me.

She decided on a meander quilting, which added lovely texture to the quilt.  The fabrics are quite busy, so it was a good choice. 

 I really love how these tri-recs (or spike and peakey) stars create these white pointy shapes (my vocabulary seems to be lacking tonight--I blame it on the dentists office causing lasting pain in my mouth)

One of the great things about quilting for others is getting to quilt the same top more than once--so I can see the effects of different quilting.  This quilt is lovely with the simple texture added by the quilting, and Ethel's quilt was also lovely, with custom quilting. 

Moral:  whatever your budget, or quilting desires, we can find a fit. 

Thanks Yvonne, for letting me play with your quilt.

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