Sunday, 12 September 2021

Grassy Creek


This is Vicki's Grassy Creek, which was the Winter 2020 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt


What was extra fun about this quilt is, when Bonnie released the fabric colors and yardage requirements last fall, and the LQS was still restricting the number of shoppers,  Vicki said "I like Bonnie's colors, you buy the fabric when you get yours".  So I got to pull fabric for two quilts., which was super fun.   Luckily I also ran into a friend Lori at the fabric store, so I had a valued second opinion when buying Vicki's fabrics.    Vicki also added some greens and greys that she had in stash already.
I quilted a freehand clamshell with a curl in the middle.  I enjoyed putting the freehand clamshell on the previous Bonnie Hunter quilt I did--because the unit sizes are small and consistent I was able to use the piecing as guidelines to keep my clams relatively consistent in size.   This time I put the curl in a different spot.  Any variations are organic and add interest :) 


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