Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Technicolor Dream Quilt

 Hello, yes I am still here, and still quilting.   I am amazed I went 8 months between blog posts, but it has been both a busy 8 months and a slow 8 months.   I think what has kept me from blogging was lots of time at the computer doing other things, and I really didn't want to spend any extra time at the computer.  Also, I know now, my hard drive was gradually slowing, making everything take too long (it was rather like the fable of the frog in the slowly heating pot....I really didn't realize how bad it was until I finally got to use a different computer).  So....I am now using a new improved hard drive and have some time to catch up...

This was the Summer Sampler 2019, and I had to make it because of the setting blocks...aren't these circles fantastic?    I had participated in the Summer Sampler 2020 last summer (top complete but still to be quilted) and then saw the SS2019 and decided I would make it for my daughter.


SS19 was labeled as a skillbuilder, and it sure delivered on that!  my first y-seams

lots of curves


some really tiny paper piecing

some improv piecing

Each block was designed by a different designer, so lots of different styles and skills to learn from.  It was (mostly) fun!   And then I custom quilted it, which was also really fun. Another great thing about these summer samplers are the facebook groups that go with, full of really supportive and positive posts.  They were exactly what was needed during pandemic and not being able to sew in person with my friends and guilds.

I had planned this to be a Christmas gift, but the quilting wasn't done by then, so it was still on the frame when my daughter came home for Christmas (luckily University students were allowed home for the holidays, so we had our kids even if no extended family) and so I had her name it for me.  Technicolor Dream Quilt!  what a perfect name!  She was surprised to get the label as a Christmas gift.

it was finished and ready to go home with her when she returned to her university house after Christmas break.

I had added 4 blocks from SS20 to make it a square quilt vs the rectangle quilt as designed.  I am currently working on SS21.

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